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ver. 2.0.2

DiscRotate is a MenuItem that will control the speed of your
optical drives. It is written in Cocoa for Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Ever wanted to enjoy a DVD-Movie with your Mac mini, without severe earache?
Tired of copying your favourite movie to the harddisk first?
Just want to comfortably listen to an Audio-CD, without encoding it with iTunes?

Buckle up! DiscRotate brings the joy of silence back!
Be amazed how silent your Mac could be, even with a spinning optical drive!

Best of all, DiscRotate is OpenSource Software. Start using it today and your mood will cheer up!

If you find yourself enjoying the Mac mini again (or any other Mac, really), spread the word of DiscRotate and give some of the joy back, by donating via paypal.

See the faq and donation site for more information.

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